Discover your hidden talent and start your cybersecurity learning journey with CyberStart America

A free national program for high school students to master cybersecurity as a gateway to the industry and to up their digital skills.

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Try for free

No textbooks or lectures, just fun, online challenges that allow you to experience real-world cybersecurity tasks.

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Build industry recognized skills

Learn a huge range of cybersecurity topics and prove your skills in code breaking, ethical hacking and password cracking.

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Qualify for scholarships

High-scoring players will qualify for the National Cyber Scholarship Competition, a 2-day challenge in Spring.

Please note, the 2020/21 program has now closed. You can register your interest in the 2021/22 program, and we will notify you when registration opens.

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Learn as you play with CyberStart Game

Discover how exciting and meaningful work in cybersecurity and computer science can be with our addictive and fun game. Have a go at real-world cyber attacks, learning how cybersecurity experts play a vital role in protecting our hospitals, banks, army, and police services!

You must be a high school student to register for CyberStart America. See full criteria here.
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Qualify for life-changing opportunities and scholarships

If gaining hands-on experience of cybersecurity weren't enough, CyberStart America provides you the pathway to qualify for the National Cyber Scholarships program where more than 800 scholarships will be awarded.

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Demonstrate the qualities

Prove you have the tenacity, curiosity, and ability to complete the challenges in CyberStart Game and automatically qualify for the National Cyber Scholarship competition.

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Compete for scholarships

Take part in a two-day challenge to win a free scholarship that will enable you to continue your cybersecurity studies at any regionally accredited college.

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Join the cybersecurity workforce

Help the US maintain its technological lead in cybersecurity by joining the industry as a highly-qualified professional.

Please note, the qualification deadline for Scholarship Competition has now passed for 2021

Prizes available through the National Cyber Scholarship Competition include:

  • $2 million of college scholarships
  • Access to a cybersecurity training course worth $3000
  • Recognition badges that can be used on college and job applications
You must be a high school student to register for CyberStart America. See full criteria here.

Is CyberStart America for me?

Do you like gaming or puzzles? Do you excel at games like Fortnite, or enjoy RPGs like Among Us or D&D? Do you crave creativity through games like Minecraft, or love the idea of coding your own Roblox games in a programming language? CyberStart America could be just the at-home problem-solving challenge you’re seeking...

Love puzzles and logic challenges?

If you’ve never thought of yourself as a pro gamer, but you enjoy games like chess, Tetris or Mahjong, love puzzle games like sudoku or crosswords, or even have a secret talent for solving a Rubix cube, then give this free educational game a try. Your brain probably works in just the right way to learn ethical hacking, excel at Python programming and pick up the basics of cybersecurity with no coding lessons needed! No textbooks in sight, just a fun, free, online learning game.

A fully featured CV
A fully featured CV

Learn to hack and prevent a cyber attack

It’s a mind sport, a spy game, an escape room, a series of online puzzles and a coding challenge, all rolled into one. Find game hacks, become a cyber detective and quickly develop basic knowledge of cybersecurity.

You must be a high school student to register for CyberStart America. See full criteria here.

Featured school

With over 170 students registered for CyberStart America in 2020-21, teachers Brad Cornwell and Amy Pezzoni at James C. Enochs High were high on our leaderboard in getting their students involved! Brad says:

CyberStart has provided our Computer Science students an opportunity to explore cybersecurity - including Linux, Programming, Web, Binary, Cryptography, and Forensics, in a fun and engaging online platform. It gives them an opportunity to determine if Cybersecurity may be a field in which they’d be interested in pursuing further studies, and maybe a career, in the future. Thank you for creating such an awesome platform!


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