From Incident Reporter to Digital Forensics Analyst and all the Pen Testers in between, there’s a huge range of career options in cybersecurity

It’s a diverse and fascinating field that’s fun, rewarding and future-focused. Check out our pick of the coolest jobs in cybersecurity...

Inspiration from the top!

Aim high, ethical hackers. We’ve interviewed a number of influential industry professionals so you can get the inside scoop and explore what it’s really like to work as a cybersecurity agent.

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Initial cyber jobs with lots of advancement opportunities

With the foundations of cybersecurity in your skill set, there is a wide range of options available to you when entering the profession.


Digital forensic analyst; investigator

"The thrill of the hunt! It’s CSI for cyber geeks! You never encounter the same crime twice."

You are the detective in the world of cybersecurity - searching computers and networks for evidence in the wake of an incident.


Penetration tester for systems and networks

"Be a hacker, but do it legally and get paid a lot of money!"

You look for security vulnerabilities in target systems and networks to help enterprises improve their security.


Application pen tester

"We desperately need more of this, application security has been such a black hole for so long"

You're a programming/security wizard; test applications before deployment so they don’t present opportunities for intruders.


Security operations centre (SOC) analyst

"The fire ranger. Catch the initial blaze, or there goes the forest."

With an eye for detail and anomalies, you see things most others miss. Active prevention, active detection, active monitoring, active response.


Cyber defender; security engineer (enterprise and ICS)

"A leg up on your IT and engineering buddies; talk shop with them but you are saving the world from the bad guys, too."

Implement/tune firewalls, IPS/IDS, patching, admin, rights, monitoring, application white listing, more.

Don't just take our word for it... 78% of current cybersecurity employees would recommend the career path.

More advanced cyber jobs - open after a few years of great performance and specialized training


Hunter; incident responder

"The secret agent of geekdom. You walk in and say ‘Ok I’ll take it from here."

While everyone else is running around shouting “the system’s dead,” you have the sense and skills to rationally figure out why.


Security architect

"You get to design the solution, and not just for the perimeter."

You are very creative, on top of the game technically and the business; you design and build defensible systems and are part of a team of very adept people.


Secure software development manager

"Coolest software developers."

You protect the whole development team from making errors that will allow hackers to penetrate your organization and steal data. You are a programmer, but a programmer with special powers.


Malware analyst/reverse engineer

"The technical elite! Only go here if you have been called. You know who you are."

Look deep inside malicious software to understand the nature of the threat - how it got in, what flaw it exploited, what it is trying to do or has done.


Technical director/CISO

"Making decisions making things happen. That’s coolness."

Top of the tech ladder. Strategic thinking; hands-on involvement in solution design/deployment; you hold the keys to tech infrastructure and have the ability to contribute and in"uence.

71% of professionals are satisfied with their jobs.
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