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Our Students

Want to discover more about why students love CyberStart America? Hear their experiences of playing CyberStart, winning scholarships, and find out where it has taken them!

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Photo of Evan

Evan, Texas

"The challenges were creative, the platform was flawless, and the experience was unforgettable. I learned skills that will help me in all computer science fields."

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Photo of Kaite

Kaite, Texas

"I never considered cybersecurity, until I learned about how fun it was to hack and protect."

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Photo of Emily

Emily, Massachusetts

"As a woman in STEM, it is hard not to feel intimidated by the field, but my work with CyberStart has shown me that I am just as qualified as my peers to work in cybersecurity."

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Photo of Nicolle

Nicole, Arkansas

"I didn't even know cybersecurity was a profession before playing CyberStart. CyberStart taught me how to further delve through a web browser and how to spot different ciphers."

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Photo of Isabella

Isabella, New Jersey

"The CyberStart challenges strengthened my critical thinking and thinking outside the box. Through the challenges and the different bases, I learned a variety of skills in Linux, python, ciphers, and more!"

The CyberStart Community

Want to find a group of likeminded people to share the CyberStart experience with?

Get involved in the conversation in our CyberStart community boards! Meet and play with friends, get help from other players, and be the first to hear of exclusive workshops, webinars and competitions.

You may also be eligible to join one of our additional cyber communities like Girls Go CyberStart or JROTC.

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