Cyber warfare is one of the biggest threats our nation faces. Could you discover your talent, advance your skills and win scholarships as a digital soldier?

Enjoy free access to CyberStart; a beginner-friendly, cybersecurity training game where you'll test your out of the box thinking with mind-stretching ethical hacking games!

Loved by students

"Everyone should try CyberStart. You just might find out that you absolutely love it - like I did! It changed every part of my life."

Building a community

Over 1700 JROTC/CAP members joined in 2020/21.

Amazing outcomes

"I was not interested in a cybersecurity job before CSA. Now I want to get a cybersecurity job in the Air Force."

01 | What is CyberStart?

Illustrated example of CyberStart in action Illustrated example of CyberStart in action

The act of war using technology means we need more digital soldiers than ever before. From hospitals to banks, our nations infrastructure needs protecting from cyber attacks.

CyberStart America gives JROTC and CAP students in 9th-12th grade free access to the world-renowned CyberStart game.

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"It's an absolutely amazing cyber training experience! I know so much more about cybersecurity now!"

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Master offensive and defensive cyber warfare skills (like pen testing, cryptography and forensics) that are crucial in helping protect our national security.

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From Intern to Chief Detective, move up the ranks at the Cyber Protection Agency while earning awesome skills, badges, and points.

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Decrypt codes, uncover security breaches and investigate crime scenes as you jump into unique missions like saving a city's transport network from a series of attacks.

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Skip the theory and experience real-world cyber warfare with over 200 real-life simulations and experiences.

See CyberStart in action with a tour from cybersecurity expert James Lyne

CyberStart was founded by James Lyne, a world leader in cybersecurity education. Built by an expert team of cybersecurity professionals, CyberStart gives you hands-on experience of real-world cybersecurity tasks and simulations that help you learn the skills you need to succeed!

02 | What are the achievements?


CSA Bronze Badge illustration

CSA Bronze Badge

You must be registered to the CSA program and gain at least 3000 points in CyberStart to earn this award.

CSA Silver Badge illustration

CSA Silver Badge

You must gain at least 50,000 points in CyberStart to earn this award.

CSA Gold Badge illustration

CSA Gold Badge

You must gain at least 100,000 points in CyberStart to earn this award.

03 | How does it work?


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Lace up your boots and jump straight into defending the online world against cyber criminal gangs. And when you're stuck, use the step-by-step walkthroughs and guides to help.


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Develop leadership, citizenship, resilience and out the box thinking skills with over 200 cybersecurity challenges and puzzles.


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Play CyberStart America and you could earn an exclusive JROTC scholarship for further cybersecurity training worth $3000!