Free opportunity for your students to access an immersive cybersecurity learning game worth $150

Encourage your students to register to CyberStart America and access an on-demand learning course that allows them to get hands-on experience with real-world cybersecurity tasks. No textbooks or lectures, just fun, online challenges that build towards highly respected academic outcomes and scholarship opportunities.

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Students will learn by taking on the role of an agent at the Cyber Protection Agency. Watch renowned cybersecurity expert and CyberStart founder, James Lyne walk you through the 200+ challenges and games students will unlock.

You can also try our 60-minute CyberStart experience CyberStart Go, featuring similar sorts of challenges to those that your students will face in CyberStart Game itself.

Revolutionizing cybersecurity education in the United States

CyberStart Game covers a huge range of topics that are up to date, relevant, hands-on and developed by industry experts. No prior knowledge of computer science is required by you or your students to get started!

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Sign up to be the first to hear about upcoming webinars, resources, and opportunities for students at your school. No previous cybersecurity knowledge or experience is required to join - just an enthusiasm to inspire your students to up their digital skills.

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$2 million college scholarships

High scoring students can qualify for the National Cyber Scholarship Competition and compete for life-changing opportunities such as access to a cybersecurity training course worth $3000 and a scholarship to the college of their choice!

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Progress badges & awards

Recognition badges and awards will be shared with students and can be used on college and job applications. The portfolio of skills built in CyberStart America will be recognized and desired by employers.

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Join a community

CyberStart America communities offer additional support and community-specific awards and can give like-minded students the chance to share their CyberStart experience. We have communities for girls and JROTC students!

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Career guidance

Students will be invited to join webinars with leading industry-experts providing advice on how to secure job roles in the indsutry or how to develop and take their transferable skills into any career path! Plus access to lots of great career advice.

Watch the recording of our free information session

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This Pathways to Cybersecurity Careers workshop took place December 9 2020 at 4pm ET. Stay tuned for future workshop dates!

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CyberStart turns complex cybersecurity concepts into fun and accessible challenges for students of all abilities.

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An all-in-one cybersecurity learning journey teaching a huge array of cybersecurity topics with challenges ranging from easy to extreme.

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High scoring students will qualify for the National Cyber Scholarship Competition and compete for life-changing opportunities.

Social Media Toolkit

Want to share CyberStart America through your school or district social media channels? Here’s our toolkit of media resources that you’re free to use to promote the program!

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